A Place Along the Way is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) all donations are tax deductable. A Place Along the Way

Client Rights & Responsibilities


Welcome to A Place Along the Way (APATW). Our office is open during regular business hours between 9:00am -
5:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 9:00am - 3:00pm on
Wednesday and 11:00am -
3:00pm on Saturday.(to the general public) OUR DOORS ARE NEVER CLOSED FOR A TEEN IN NEED. NO MATTER WHAT! Holiday closures and adjusted schedules will be posted in advance.

A Place Along the Way offers a variety of services including, but not limited to: FOOD - CLOTHING-SHELTER and then determining eligibility for A Place Along
the Way and other community services, case management,
treatment and recovery program for drugs and alcohol,
cultural and spiritual development, education services, youth enrichment and recreational activities, family
assessment, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling for youth, mental health evaluation, life skill classes,
parenting classes, victim awareness, and assistance
accessing resources in the community, e.g. - employment, housing etc.

Diversity & Non-discrimination
No person, because of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, marital status, health, veteran’s status age,
gender, sexual orientation or the presence of a disability or any other basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law, shall be discriminated against in any of the
program activities or services provided by A Place Along the Way or those with whom it collaborates. (Pursuant to title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
(Section 2000d, Title 42, United States Code); the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
(Section 794 , Title 29, United States Code); Section 11135 of the California Government Code; and Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 10800), Division 4, Title 9 of the California Cade of Regulations.)

You have confidentiality rights that are protected by State and federal law, and
the agency that licenses A Place Along the Way in your area. We will only share information obtained in the course of working with you, with individuals or other
agencies outside of A Place Along the Way as permitted or required by law.

For example, your confidentiality is not protected:
(a) If you are required by the Court system to participate in services.
(b) If you make a serious threat to harm yourself or others.
(c) If we have reason to believe you have been abused or neglected.
(d) If we have reason to believe you are or have been abusing or neglecting vulnerable individuals.

You have a right to participate in service planning that meets your needs, and to be treated fairly, with respect and free form harassment.

If you believe your rights have been violated while you are receiving services form A Place
Along the Way, you may file a
written grievance, including how you would like the issues resolved. A Place Along the Way will
review you complaint and make a decision on what action should occur based upon the information you provide and an investigation of the circumstances.

Observation & Public Use of Image
You have the right to know when you might be observed. A Place Along the Way staff must advice you if/when observation methods such as
one-way mirrors or video/audio recording equipment are used during the course of services at A Place Along the Way. When appropriate, A Place Along the Way may ask you for permission to use your likeness for advertising or promotional purposes. This will only happen when you/parent give us permission to do so.

Reviewing Records
In accordance with A Place Along the Way procedures, you may review your case record. You may not review information about
other individuals, even when they are receiving A PLACE ALONG THE WAY
services with you, unless they give you written permission to do so.

Case Closure or Termination of Services
You have the right to end the services you receive, because program services offered and provided
by A Place Along the Way are voluntary in nature. Either A Place Along the Way or you may terminate services
at any time without reason. A Place Along the Way will inform you if it terminates services or closes your case record.

Minors Receiving Services
If you are under 18 years of age and eligible to receive services form A Place Along the Way , you may be required to have
your parent and/or legal guardian participate in the approval,
case planning, and receipt of services. Many services are available with out parent and or legal guardians consent.

Your Rights & Responsibilities
As a client of A Place Along the Way, your right & responsibilities include:
1. Knowing your rights.
2. Taking responsibility to actively participate and be part of the decision making process with regards
to you case planning and care.
3. Making informed choices during the planning of goals and services you receive.
4. Notifying staff in advance if you must cancel or be late for an appointment.
5. Keeping confidential information you obtain while receiving services at A Place Along the Way.
6. Knowing that you can refuse service or treatment at any time.
7. Following A Place Along the Way or facility rules while receiving services.
8. Asking questions about any procedure or treatment method used during service provision.
9. Requesting that the results of any testing be explained and/or discussed with you.
10. Seeking a referral to another staff person or agency.
11. Knowing that you can terminate services at any time.
12. Informing staff when you decide to terminate services.
13. To be free from verbal, emotional, physical abuse and / or inappropriate sexual behavior.
14. To be provided safe, healthful, and comfortable accommodations, furnishings and equipment.
15. To be treated with respect and dignity in your interactions with all staff of this program.

services provided by A Place Along the Way are based upon individual eligibility for program services.
We may seek information from you that allows us to access resources from other
funding sources. This allows us to contain our administrative costs and meet your
service needs more efficiently.

A Place Along the Way looks forward to helping you meet your needs, and hopes that you will find the quality of our
services consistent with our mission.
“ to provide a full spectrum of social services for adolescents and their families “