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Nothing is more distructive to a teenager and/or their family then the use of
drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol use has destroyed over a million families.

Here are some signs of drug and alcohol use/abuse.

1. Sneaky behavior
2. Hostility towards family and non using friends
3. Red eyes
4. Slurred speech
5. Valuables missing
6. Runny nose (with no cold symptom
7. Truancy
8. Drug paraphernalia
9. Lying/deceptive
10. Curfew violations
11. Stealing/borrowing money
12. Unexplained weight drop
13. Grades dropping
14. Violent outbursts at home
15. Neglected appearance/hygiene

If you see any of these signs do not ignore them. Get help! If not with us,
with some place that treats the physical craving as well as the mental obsession.
Drug and alcohol addiction is not a toy. As we search for solutions that help, we ask
why use at all? I life that horrible that you turn to drugs and or alcohol?
Some times it is in a teenagers mind. They don't know how to cope with everyday life.
A PLACE ALONG THE WAY offers workshops on Self Esteem, Problem solving, Parental Awareness.
We also offer alternative activities to drug and alcohol use. Sober parties,sports events,
fashion shows and many others.(check our Calendar of Events for up coming events and locations)