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How is life treating you? All is well I hope.
Sorry but that is not true for 75% of our young people coming out of Juvenile Hall
and Youth Authority, homeless. We are not trying to lie to our selves and
think we can fix the nation. But we are starting here in Southern California.

A Place Along the Way provides
Advocacy: assistance access community resources and maintaining
positive relations with parents, children, parole agent, probation officer,
social services.
Emotional Support: One-on-one consultations with non-judgmental staff
Employment Assistance: Job counseling, Job referrals: Follow-up support
Resource Referrals: Information about other community services, follow up
Supplies: Food, Hygiene items (as available)
Support Groups: Parenting, Gangs, Drugs, Life, Peer discussion, Anger management
(All groups have follow up and maintenance)
Release Planning: Sober living, treatment facility, and family location

With our youth coming out with no place to go, they have no choice but to go
back to their old way of life. Many of them come from broken, drug
addicted homes. Unless they are taught that there is a different way to live they
will go back to what they know best, THE STREETS.