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Board of Directors Position Description

A PLACE ALONG THE WAY is seeking talented and committed community members to serve on its Board of Directors.

The Board will consist of 5 to 7 members (with growth to 11), serving 1- to 3-year terms. (To provide for staggered terms, some shorter term lengths will apply for the first Board only.) A PLACE ALONG THE WAY's goal is to have paid administrative support; however, initially all work will be done by volunteers. As such, the first-term Board will be a governing and working Board. Each Board member will have one vote.

The Board’s function will be to direct A PLACE ALONG THE WAY, through its Mission, to provide increasing and ongoing financial support and community involvement, and to represent A PLACE ALONG THE WAY in the community and accept ultimate legal authority for it.

Requirements for the position are:

§ A strong commitment to the enhancement of today’s high-risk youth in our community, linked with a strong commitment to establish a well funded and operated foundation for our future.

§ The ability to attend at least one Board meeting per month, plus chair at least one committee (see attached Committee document)

§ Strong administrative and communication skills for the key task of bringing the organization from start-up to full operation.

§ A willingness to serve in the role of ambassador to the community, providing information about A PLACE ALONG THE WAY’s progress and activities, and building personal relationships.

§ A willingness to be actively involved in all aspects of the Foundation’s fundraising.

In addition, expertise and/or connections in ONE OR MORE of the following critical areas to the Board's success is highly desirable:

§ Legal
§ Financial
§ Fundraising
§ Promotion/Advertising/Communications

Prior non-profit board experience, or experience working with non-profits, is also very desirable.

Because this is initially going to be working Board, other, more specific responsibilities will include the following:

§ Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings

§ Implement administrative, personnel, legal, financial, fundraising,

promotion/advertising/communications policies and procedures.

§ Participate in establishing policies to advance the mission of A PLACE ALONG THE WAY

§ Actively chair committees

§ Evaluate Advisory Council members and their effectiveness in mentoring the Board

§ Evaluate, with (future) staff input, whether A PLACE ALONG THE WAY is in line with its Mission Statement

§ Research funding opportunities with help of Committees

§ Assure that the Foundation functions within appropriate legal and fiscal constraints with the help of committees.

§ Attend Foundation Functions

§ Represent A PLACE ALONG THE WAY in the community

§ Recommend and set a budget for external training to help members improve their board capabilities

§ Participate in/with all fundraising efforts

§ Attend professional meetings and conferences

We are seeking individuals with the highest integrity and a strong and active connection to the community. If you are interested in applying for a Board member position, please fill out the attached BOARD APPLICATION.

Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to improving our future.